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We are an online learning platform offering individuals the opportunity to learn as well as share what they are learning with others as they go, enabling them to acquire new information and come up with fresh ideas.

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Business & Management

Develop your leadership skills and advance your career with communication, networking, and project management.

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Tech & Coding

Master programming and coding from beginner to advanced level.

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Learn significant events during the ancient and modern times with cultural institutions.

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Our education course offers support in your professional learning and development as a future educator.

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Science, Math, Engineering

From the basics of science and math, to robotics and forensics, this course got those covered.

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Looking to improve patient care or your own wellbeing? We have the resources that can help with your studies.

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“Thank you Bluestar for the interesting and valuable experience. The course taught me a lot and gave me a good start in the basics. I also liked how I was able to talk with the other students through the online activities.”

– Kristen Hilliard, Psychology